Vlog Daily In April – #SSVEDA

Daily Vlog in APRIL
Image by AaronBurden

Hey you!

I have taken on the challenge of vlogging. Why did I decide to do such a thing?! Because I made me do it.

I was happy to see Amy Schmittauer’s video about #SSSVEDA (Savvy Sexy Social Vlog Everyday Day in April) on YouTube. My gut was telling me to go for it and I felt it would be a challenge to create consistent content daily.

I moved to Los Angeles initially to pursue singing and acting. Little did I know I’d grow into loving makeup, lettering, my doodles, and creating art in the process.

With acting I had to face my anxiety again in full force. I’ll explain more about that in a different post. Just know that I became very anxious in front of the camera, would start sweating profusely, and just mess up. It was embarrassing.

I‘m happy to say that it’s been seven days straight of me putting out content for #SSSVEDA. I feel I can’t stop now. My inner critic would have a party and I can’t let her beat me in this on going arm wrestle.

Sometimes were are our worse enemies.

Here are my three goals for this daily vlog challenge:
  • Fine tune my presence in front of the camera.
  • Be comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • Complete all 30 days in one piece.

Sharing my creative work causes anxiety. However, the more I do it the less anxious I feel thereby releasing the need for approval. I share my work because it makes me feel good and hope to transfer those good vibes to others.

In light of this, I highly encourage you to think of something you want to do and go for it. If you want to start a youtube channel or go on a creative venture, reverse engineer the process. In other words, you’ve identified a goal, now work it backward to where you are now.

Ask yourself , what is needed to get the ball rolling? Break it down, use a mind map for example and write it out. A little research might be needed but don’t simply follow somebody else’s steps. You have to make it personal.

I’ve included the playlist to my vlog. If you want to join in on the #sssveda challenge check out this link. It happens twice a year.

In the comment section below, let me know what is one thing you want to take on and list the first three steps needed. I’ll cheer you on! Even better, when you do it come back and let me know.

I’ll share my progress along the way with vlogging, but until then have fun, create, and above all get going.

Much love and Creative Vibes,

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