Starting Your Creative Journey

Hey you!

Lately I’ve felt drawn to creating more and put my work out there. Starting my creative journey is a priority. However, I always seem to not find the time nor do I want to pick just one area of focus.  Making excuses after excuse. Can you relate to that? I realized it’s self sabotage. 

It’s easy to find time to swipe around Instagram and other platforms. It’s another thing to take the time to create. I feel I need to be aware of that block and move through it.

I have realized that I must create for myself first because it makes me happy. There is a saying in french “qui tente rien, n’a rien” One who tries nothing has nothing.


Remember that Rome was not built in a day. I’m giving myself permission to get it done not perfect. Allow yourself to do the same.

Once you’ve got the change to watch this, I’d love to know… What might be the one thing you’d like to work on for the next 30 days?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Much Love,