Self Love and Anxiety

headshot by Bruce Talbot. Self love and anxiety post
Image by Bruce Talbot

Assisted “selfie”. Thanks Bruce Talbot?. Many moons ago, looking in the mirror was difficult. I disliked how I looked and anxiety ruled my world. It was paralyzing. There were times I would walk around with sunglasses on, a hat, and my head down. I’d stay home all day while in college and only came outside to go to class.The pivoting point was when I sought out help and shared what I was going through. I allowed myself to be vulnerable. If you have ever felt anxiety, you know that talking about it is uncomfortable. However, I was ready to feel better. A handful of people knew what I was dealing with and Bruce was among them.

He doesn’t just capture images, he captures one’s true essence. When I ventured into modeling it was out of curiosity and a moment of “why the heck not”. Mind you, I’m 5’3’’ and I had no intention of taking over any industry other than doing it as a hobby and seeing where it took me. That was over a decade ago. I now venture into other creative sectors.Bruce is among the best I know. “Bow chica wow wow” is all I can say when I see his work. Everyone can use filters and claim they are a photographers but not all are creative, knowledgeable, and honest with how they proceed.

Now, I seldom hop in front of the camera other than for shits and giggles. Besides creating YT videos. I still deal with anxiety but in lesser doses.

I believe that embracing and loving oneself is necessary. Sometimes the first step is to accept who you see in the mirror and doubt your doubts.

Who are you really living for? Nurture your inner child because if you don’t who will?

Much love,


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