Your Passion, Make It Happen

Hey you!

Do you have a few songs that always get you going and motivate you? Great, listen to them as often as you need to.

“What A Feeling” by Irene Cara is one of those songs that inspires me to pursue my creative passions. This song never fails to get me in a great mood to get shit done.

Created this short video as a reminder to keep on going even when interruptions occur. It’s time to make it happen!

Lately, I read my goals daily to stay focused. I also read my “why” statement.
If you have never taken the time to write down your ‘why’, I highly recommend you do it.

Being aware of why you pursue a particular goal, keeps your eyes on the prize when things are not going as planned. Click To Tweet

Oh silly me, the things I worry about that make no sense. Hope you enjoy the short video below. See it as a reminder to keep on going even when interruptions occur. Oh and have fun while you are at it!

Let me know what comes to mind after watching this.

Much Love,
Signature-NDeyeYoum-Take your passion and make it happen



PS: Confession time. I love to sing in the car but not when stopped at a red light.
Might be time to nip that in the butt and not care what others think.

PSS: Remember below… Now go do!