Hello you! It’s N’Deye

Hello You!

Hello you, this is N’Deye!  You are reading my first blog post! It’s the beginning of me sharing my journey accompanied by some tummy bubbling fear. Just to get things out of the way here is how my name is pronounced.

How do you do? Haha. I am a creative!


I started this creative lifestyle blog to share my journey. It’s a venture in exploring the world of creativity and self expression. I’ve spent many years suppressing my true aspirations. My obstacles are the fear of the unknown, of being judged, of felling not good enough, and of  making major decisions.  Can you fear me now? Hehe.

My solution is to take inspired action and to put my work out there. One of my goals is to be the best version of myself and to be happy above all!

What content to expect?

The main topics will revolve around creativity, beauty, and self care. N’Deye’s Life really. It’s a creative lifestyle blog. The focus is to live creatively while loving yourself and what you do. Here’s the thing about creativity, it can start anywhere and with little.  Grab a pen and napkin and doodle!

Approach creativity as a practice, not a profession
~ Timothy Goodman.

My hope is through this blog you find the courage to hop on boat and create as well as love and take care of yourself. I believe that it goes hand in hand.


I am writing for the creative who is ready to step up and listen to your true inner voice and needs some inspiration. You are not alone. I must admit I have my good and bad days. However I believe by me sharing frequently, might help others.
I have gone through periods of low self esteem and self image. I thought I was too short, ugly, and not good enough. I’m blogging to encourage those who might feel the same.

Be, do, and have what you truly want. Excuses, please step aside!


I welcome comments and feedback. However, if I feel it’s not constructive, I will clean it up. This is a zone of love and encouragement. Please leave a positive mark, a constructive positive mark, or none at all. The world is full of negativity and there is no need to add it here go where the crap is at and stay there.


My main goal with this blog is to regularly share my work, findings, and knowledge. Each post will be accompanied by video or a visual piece of work. It’s a challenge to just do the damn thing and stop waiting.

Another goal is to become a full-time creative artist. If you are like me and still have a 9-5 or a part time job, just know it starts with putting one foot in front of the other. Knock out one goal after the other and never give up. I used to be reserved when asked about what I did for a living. Not anymore! We are all on different creative paths, own it and chug along!

There you have it in a nutshell. My objective is to share who I am, what I do, document my creative and life journey, and encourage others to join along.

Let me know  below where you are at in your creative and life endeavors. What are you currently looking forward to tackling, improving or working on?

Until then have fun, create, and above all get going!

Much love,

PS: I am scared shitless of this.

PSS: Poo and caca are my favorite synonyms for sh!t . Learn more about me here.

PSSS: I am creating a resource library for your creative and beauty endeavors. There will be free monthly goodies for your personal use. Get access to it here.