Hey Howdy Hi, 

I’m N’Deye. Pronounced like ‘day’. I’m the chief creative doodler, makeup artist, and purveyor of my turf. Say that three times! Okay fine, I am a creative.

At a point in time, anxiety and insecurities ruled my life. When I’d step outside, I’d wear sunglasses and a hat to keep a cloak of invisibility about me. Have you ever felt that way? It is taxing on the creative soul. 

When I finally decided to pull open the curtains to the world. I got curious and of all things, took on modeling. Frankly, I didn’t expect much but to my surprise I was acknowledged and got tear-sheets. You won’t see me walking in a Victoria Secret Fashion show but I’m an angel in my own right. I mean to say this because, I’m only a towering 5’3” and yet my shadow is a mile high.

My mission is to navigate territories of true self and creative expression. It’s scary as a fudgesicle melting on a hot summer’s day.  I want you to hop on board. Yes, you! Start owning your beauty, your life, and creativity. You don’t need to model or cut your hair as I did. *cough that will be for a future blog post*

As I’m sharing my journey, you will find posts about each topic mentioned, and more.

Let’s go, shall we? If you haven’t already please sign up below for access to an on growing resource library and small doses of updates from me.

Explore, create, and above all get going!

Much love and courage,

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Image by Bruce Talbot
N’Deye Tidbits

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite quote: “Creativity is the way I share my soul with the World” ~ Brene Brown

Food: Love rice for breakfast. Almond milk, cinnamon, little sugar and voila!

Other: Fluent in French. However, I have an american accent when I speak it now from what my parents say.